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About Us


Cloud Infotech is a leading telecom solutions provider and VoIP based company, targeting emerging market enterprises with a portfolio of products - PRI Cards, VoIP Gateways, GSM/CDMA Gateways, VoIP PBX, IP-Phones, Head-Phones etc.

With more than 50+ VoIP resellers/SI across India, We are exclusive and Gold Distributor for SANGOMA, DINSTAR and AKUVOX Platinum Partner for Yealink and Reseller of Grandstream. We aim to simplify VoIP technology by providing Products, Services, Support, Applications and Consulting under the same umbrella.

Cloud Infotech mission is to deliver complete VoIP solutions that hold superior value to a worldwide marketplace through a dedication and intense focus on providing remarkable customer experiences and building long-lasting relationships with employees, customers, partners and our community. Furthermore, it is our mission to achieve these goals while promoting and executing on social and entrepreneurial sustainability initiatives.

Cloud Infotech aspires towards leadership and excellence in the field of IP communications and solutions. Our mission is to provide our clients with the ability to communicate better and enjoy the maximum cost savings without compromise in any of the solutions we provide.

Enabling users of our solutions to improve their business results by concentrating on basic activities and efficacious use of information technologies. Also, Providing our employees with the possibility to reach their full potential through personal and professional development.

We take pride in being a full-service company which can give our clients innovative and end to end solutions for all communication needs. We take pride in overcoming feasibility challenges to provide our clients with the best possible service experiences at the lowest possible costs.

Cloud Infotech vision is to be the leading VoIP solutions provider in the world and to set the standard by which all other solutions providers, regardless of industry, are judged. We look forward to the future and foresee a vision that we will adapt to the new technology and ever changing market needs. We at Cloud anticipate continued success as we strive to raise the telecommunications bar across the globe and exceed the demands of businesses everywhere.

We want to be the best at what we do. We accept challenges with positive attitude, viewing them as a chance to learn something new and to introduce changes with the purpose of improvement.

We are proud to offer intuitive and innovative solutions which are fully customized to meet our clients’ needs and we consider developing mutually rewarding relationships between employees and partnerships our priority when designing IP communication solutions for our clients.


By means of permanent adoption of new knowledge and development of top-grade expertise, CLOUD has been building integrated business solutions based on leading information technologies.


Work is the only true guarantee of success, by which, in the long run, added value is created for the customer, employee and owner. Each job at CLOUD should be done according to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the best practice.

Team spirit

By uniting individual characteristics, we achieve much better results than we could achieve as a group of individuals. COMBIS’ team spirit enables each employee to fulfill his/her full personal and professional potential.

Customer care

All CLOUD activities are focused on our main goal “Satisfaction of the Customer”. In Cloud Connection with the customer, understanding and meeting his/her needs is a priority of every employee.

Open and friendly communication

In CLOUD we build stimulating work environment, based on mutual respect and appreciation. In this way, along with achieving satisfaction of customers, employees and owner, in the environment governed by trust and cooperation, we create a successful company.


Our expertise lies in providing Enterprise VoIP Solutions, Consumer VoIP Solutions, IP Contact Center Solutions, Small and Medium-sized Business Intercom Solutions, Communication Equipments, IP Voice/Video Telephony, IP Gateways and ATA, IP Surveillance Products, IP/Unified Communication Solutions, IP Video Solutions, Video Surveillance Solutions, IP-PBX Solutions in India as well as abroad.


Our solutions utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to deliver technologically advanced telephony solutions. Our consumers are our most valuable assets and we are committed to rewarding them with unparalleled service quality and the most advanced solutions available. We also continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.


Our products are easy-to-use and are designed to provide powerful and flexible call automation solutions on the most reliable technology platforms. Regardless of ultimate user’s technical skills, all products are backed by satisfaction guarantee with expert technical support. Designed to work instantly with minimal setup time, we also provide advanced customization on request.